Funemployment begins

Having worked from the age of 15, leaving my job after almost five years excited and terrified me.  A good friend termed this cloudy, unpredictable point in life – ‘funemployment’.  This is my new chapter.

Last Thursday unexpectedly became my last day at work after my manager walked into the communal office and announced that once my desk was cleared I could leave and take the Friday off too.  In hindsight, an extra day paid was excellent but literally at 9:10am on Thursday, the coffee pot still on the burner, the prospect of leaving the place I had worked since 2012 hit me like a tonne of bricks.  I was not emotionally prepared to walk out the door for the last time.  By no means has work been easy and there are so many things I won’t miss but the finality of Thursday broke my heart a little.  I did have a cry on the short motorbike ride home.

Needless to say my grief lasted a grand total of 20 minutes and then the excitement kicked in.  It was 10am on a weekday.  I was at home but I had too much energy.  I paced the house like a caged lion, drinking tea and chain smoking cigarettes on the porch.  I think I had messaged just about everyone in my contacts to tell them I was actually finished!  A friend replied instantly, she had taken a cheeky ‘sick day’ off and wanted to know if I fancied some gin to celebrate at her pool villa.  I thought to myself, what better a way to commence my joblessness than pre-midday drinking?

After a short meeting with the new owner of my motorbike and a big bundle of cash in my hand, I raced round to R’s house where I was met with a large cocktail.  Sunglasses and bikini on, poolside with a drink in hand, music blasting – bliss!  Completing my contract and leaving Phuket has been in the pipeline for the last year or so and was all pre-planned (like virtually everything else in my life, a creature of habit, alarm clocks and routine).  I have saved enough during my time here to have an extended period of continuous wandering to wherever I choose to go.  At what point am I going to have this opportunity again?  And it’s not luck.  This was an excellent balance of hard work, saving, spending, enjoying the best of Phuket and being cash savvy.  I have had the happiest years, essentially growing up in Phuket and I’ve seen a lot of the world from here during school holidays.  I’ve made friends here that are closer than family and for that I am eternally grateful.

This now is my state of semi-retirement and I am going to enjoy the freedom.  I usually plan everything down to the last detail, every day, agenda, endless lists of things so do.  At this point, I have a visa for India and a flight booked to Goa.  As for everything else, come what may… And I cannot wait!

I’ll not lie, the last week has been a bit odd.  It is just so alien to be at home on a weekday, waking up and lying in bed until 10.30am, morning yoga classes and doing laundry not on laundry day!  I even found myself at a meditation and wellness class yesterday just because.  It’s not something I’d ever tried or had much interest in but it was nice and reminded me why I had to start a new chapter in my young life: to be free, to make myself happy and see the world just for a while.  This last week I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am ready to embrace my next steps.  The ‘plan’ now is lie ins, some online teaching, a bit of yoga, lazy lunches and dinner dates with friends for the next few weeks as I pack up my life in Phuket.


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